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Minipecker hammer
How to use Minipecker and wood gouge adaptor
How to use elettric Minipecker hammer and wood tools with its adaptor for all wood chisels in commerce :like Straight tools<br />V-Parting tools, straight shank<br />Long bent tools<br />Short bent tools<br />Reverse bent gouges<br />Special carving tools<br />Sculping tools<br />Heavy duty-fishtail gouges and Draeyer gouges
How to use Minipecker and carving tools
How to use elettric Minipecker hammer on marble , stones , granit , alabaster gypsum with carving chisels connection shank from 7,5 mm
Adapter wood gouges
wood gouge adaptor for all elettric or pneumatic hammer
adaptor for all wood tools chisels in commerce<br />for use :Deep gouges<br />Straight tools<br /><br /><br /> Staehli gouges<br />Schaller gouges<br /><br /> Chisel, left skew<br /> Chisel, right skew<br /> Palm carving tools<br />
Woodpecker hammer
adaptors tools for Woodpecker hammer
Adaptors for marble, stone chisels
stone tools , stone chisel , carving tools , carbide tools can be used with this universal adaptors tools produced of company Gelma from Carrara Italy
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