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attrezzatura per la scultura , utensileria  per scultori
utensileria per scolpire , ferri per marmo
Gelma scolpitrici elettriche
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Universal tool adaptor Set for wood gouges

Insert your  wood chisel or  Wood gouge into universal adaptor in that way use your hand
tool on elettric Minipecker and Woodpecker or on pneumatic hammer
( permits to use all wood gougues in commerce)
Adaptators for Woodpecker has connection of 12,5 mm

Adaptators for Minipecker has connection of 7,5 mm

On order is possible supply connection from all diameter

Plastic cork for universal gouges adaptor
Tappo per adattatore sgorbia

Plastic Cork permits to use adaptators for wood gouges with wooden mallet.
the plastic cork is avaible :

With insert from 12,5 mm for Woodpecker hammer
With insert from 7,5 mm for Minipecker hammer

Universal tools adaptor Set, for  use  of wood gouge is avaible in Suitcase with 3 or 6 bushing  adapter

Suitcase with 3 bushing  adapter

1 Plasti Cork , 1 adapter tools body , 1 small bushing adapter,1  medium bushing adapter ,1large bushing adapter, 1allen key,  grain screw

Suitcase with 6 bushing adapter

1 Plasti Cork , 1 adapter tools body , 2 small bushing adapter, 2 medium bushing adapter ,2 large bushing adapter, 1allen key,  grain screw

Bushing adapter  can be purchased separately

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